Here at The Beautiq, our team take great pride in providing a professional, reliable and trustworthy service to every one of our clients and our customers!

Most of our talents work with us on a freelance basis, however we still treat them like they were our own! This is simply due to wanting talents to feel free and not tied to any contracts with The Beautiq!


We are passionate to find each and everyone of our models work suited to their own personal career preferences and goals, and to provide clients of The Beautiq from around the world, with the one of most diverse, cultural, beautiful and creative group of up and coming, and established talents that the UK has to offer!


Our talents cover category such as:

Fashion (Editorial)


Influencing (Social Media) 



TV & Film,

Music Videos,

Events (Brand/Festival/Party),

Product Shoots


And much more! 

By the end of 2020, we hope to also expand our team of agents, casting directors, and talents in Africa & Europe further! For more information, please see our FAQ or contact our team. We are accepting applicants from these regions in advance for opening our services in these continents.


Casting Service

The Beautiq has recently launched a new initiative in which freelance models can join as members, select a plan, and apply for unlimited castings, job opportunities and more as they please. All jobs allow talents to be paid without agency or booking fees, and serve as a hub for creatives and casting directors to send in projects to connect with talents across the world. This allows talents to save time searching through hundreds of sites for casting calls, and acts as the heart of all casting services.


All ages are welcome to join as roles for all will be included, and more information on the service can be found at our FAQ page

Missions Statement

The Beautiq are an agency dedicated to fairness, equal rights and diversity, and are determined to ensure the industry in which we operate within, the talents who make everything possible (Models, Actors, Photographers, Filmography, Designers etc)  are treated with the importance they deserve, full creative and career path freedom, and more importantly, transparency to everything going on regarding the business and progress behind all projects, and general direction of those representing them (regardless if this is The Beautiq or another agency/manager/company)

We feel as though many agencies today are still living in the 1980's and are yet to adapt to the fact that times have changed, and in order to progress as a culture and industry as a whole, we can only ensure that the talents and creators are in control of their own personal health, decisions, and are provided safety, clarity and a pressure-free environment from the agency's and management alike.  

We are also forefront in ensuring change is made within the entire industry, regarding issues to do with discriminatory practices and racism. This is something that our team take very seriously, and personally, so we ensure that equal opportunities are given and everyone is treated fairly as they should be! 


Bristol, United Kingdom Email: info@beautiqmodels.com

Phone: +447931 733225

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