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  • Extras in D.C. for Video

    Not Forgotten

    Location: Washington, DC


    Casting Notice VIDEO EXTRAS in Music Video: “Not Forgotten”
    Music Video
    Paid Nonunion
    Company RodMcD2 Productions
    Rod McDonald, Producer and Casting
    “Not Forgotten” is a visual story that tells a story through cinematic imagery of people that realize they haven’t been forgotten.
    • Vietnam Vets(2) – 40’s – 1 CASTED
    • Single Mother – early 20’s – CASTED
    • Jason, early 20’s – Incarcerated Male / Rehabilitated
    • Counselor – 30’s – 40’s Male
    • Mother – 40’s African American Woman

    Shoot Dates: January 23rd – January 24th 2021
    Pays $50 per day for Key Roles
    Seeking talent from: DMV area
    Shooting Location: Washington, DC
    Video Audition and/or Head Shots Accepted. Looking FOR ASAP

    Please send Video and or headshots to

    City or Location of call: Washington, DC
    Please submit to: by 2021-01-22
    Video Or Headshot

    Washington, DC, USA

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  • Kandee’s Closet - Auditions for Roles in Alabama

    Kandee’s Closet

    Location: Montevallo, Alabama

    Type: Other Projects

    I am an upcoming, and aspiring writer, producer and director here in the small city of Montevallo, Alabama and I am trying to bring the arts to the city. I write productions based on self love, self awareness, morality, self appreciation and just overall situations that are happening and should be brought to the surface to of course, help anyone who may be dealing with these things and just do not know how to communicate about them. My productions are written from the heart with less fortunate in mind and I am trying to advocate embracement of reality. No matter what background you come from, no matter what race you are, what size you are, what color you are we all have things in life we are ashamed of and we all have flaws. I simply would like for us as humans who make mistakes to learn to appreciate the position in which God has us and embrace our realities.

    Alabama, USA

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  • Comedic, Parody Student Project

    Untitled Soda Commercial Parody (Comedy)

    Location: nationwide

    Type: Video

    This is the first part of a quarantine-friendly YouTube series I am starting with some fellow film students. This first video is an exaggerated parody of a soda commercial that features two teenagers/young adults (any gender or race). Currently we are looking for two roles to be cast (this may increase as the project finishes getting developed). We may also keep submissions in mind for future parts of this series. Everything will be filmed remotely, so a good quality phone camera is recommended.

    Payment: Paid

    United States

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  • Lead Actor in PA for Short Sci Fi Film

    Location: Harrisburg, PA

    Type: Film

    A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic Film About Isolation and Identity: What Lies Beneath Your Skin?

    Gemini is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic action-thriller film about a man suffering from amnesia trying to find his way back home through a landscape plagued with the destruction brought on by androids. These androids are indistinguishable from humans and still roam the apocalyptic countryside. The script has received excellent reviews, scoring an 8.1/10 in the Shore Scripts Short Film Fund Competition.

    This film is ultimately about a journey each one of us must face: time. Time moves forward always, it does not move backward or standstill. No matter how much we may want to go back to the way things were, we can never go back truly. This concept is relevant now more than ever in our society as things have changed rapidly over the last year, for better or worse. The setting of a post-apocalyptic world is the perfect place to explore this concept, and I hope to do so through this film.

    Lead Actor:
    – Athletic/strong physical presence
    – Ability to perform stunts, action sequences preferred
    – Ability to show emotion through facial expression subtly


    Pennsylvania, USA

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  • Indie Music Web Show

    Location: Nationwide

    Type: Web series

    I’m looking for someone who can host a short virtual social media indie alt rock music show a couple of times per month (10-15min/show). ...

    North America

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  • Ram Truck Commercial

    Currently looking for actors with atleast 5 years driving experience for an upcoming Ram Truck Commercial in the Washington, DC area.

    Requiring 2 Actors, male and female, ages from 30-50, who hold full, clean driving license.

    Paid - $775/day + $3000 usage buyout for 2 years (online/TV)

    To be filmed on 3rd March.

    Washington, DC, USA

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  • Stand-in, TV Pilot

    LOCATION – Albuquerque
    RATE - $13.00/8 Hours, Time & Half After 8 Hours

    Pilot WILL BE COVID TESTING on the show. You will be paid $25 per covid test pre filming.
    Filming –3 Feb & 24 Feb 2021 – Works every day

    Albuquerque, NM, USA

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  • Music Video Auditions in Phoenix Arizona

    Location: Phoenix, AZ

    Type: Music Video


    I am casting for roles in my upcoming music video. The song, “Soul Flame,” has a powerfully motivating message in mental health and emotional well-being, and tells the heart-wrenching story of a young woman’s bumpy road to success.

    Phoenix, AZ, USA

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  • Auditions for Senior Actors/Models in Central Florida

    Location: Orlando, Florida

    Type: Film

    Auditions for Seniors in Central Florida

    Location: Central Florida

    Type: Music Video

    Talentos Y Artistas is currently searching for 2 seniors (male and female) in Central.

    Florida, USA

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  • Digital Commercial in Frisco, Texas (Dallas Area)

    Location: Frisco, TX

    Type: Other Projects

    Shooting location: Frisco, Texas
    Date: Jan 23rd-24th,2021
    Shooting Day: 2 days
    Role: 1 Black Male Actor, Age between early 20s to late 20s preferred.

    Frisco, TX, USA

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  • Upcoming Music Video. Paid opportunity

    A Record production company are looking for film extras of all ages and looks for an upcoming hip hop video. We need a diverse and fun cast of characters that will represent all walks of life especially those around a high school setting. Film Extras will be lip syncing to verses of a soon to be released song and there are also speaking roles available for the right people.

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

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  • Film Extras & 5 Lead Roles in Rom-Com 'The Smoke.'

    'The Smoke' is a new feature film about 4 female strangers who are all involved with the same guy unaware that the other exists. The film will be split into 4 parts each about each woman and her own story of how she became involved with the love rat...


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