How to Avoid Modelling Agency Scams!

For aspiring models, the modelling industry can be a daunting place

The Beautiq cares for every model’s safety and takes pride in helping  modelling professionals avoid scams. Providing models with proper guidance gives them the essential tools to achieve success and prevent misrepresentation in the industry.

We have compiled a list of rules models should follow when launching their modelling careers. 

Rule 1: Safe Locations

Attending photo shoots are exciting opportunities for every model. However, before saying yes to an offer, take proper precautions. Never accept invitations to hotels or backstreet studios. If you’ve been given the photographer or studio’s name, do your research. Checking the legitimacy ensures that you have been contacted by a professional and reliable company. These companies generally hire a team of professionals, like make-up artists and hair stylists, to assist on shoots. 

In any situation, it’s vital to trust your instincts. You should never feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a photo shoot. No matter how ideal the job sounds, there will always be another one. Make your safety your first priority.

Rule 2: Legitimate Payment Methods

Scammers understand that the majority of new models are desperate to find paid work. For this reason, they are experts at persuasion and extorting money from individuals. 

When undergoing a test shoot that requires a booking deposit, always insure you receive a receipt for any payments made. Possession of receipts guarantees a legal claim to a refund. Additionally, making payments should be done by legitimate methods, like Paypal or Worldpay. It is also your right as a model to request the company’s bank account details if you are not comfortable with other payment methods. Though it is not always the case, legitimate companies typically have accounts with respectable banks like Barclays and Santander. If you do not recognise the company’s bank, this can be cause for concern as scammers are less likely to use well-known banks.

Rule 3: Bring Someone Along

One of the most important rules when attending a photo shoot is having someone accompany you. It’s common for genuine modelling agencies to allow models to bring at least one other individual with them. Though the friend or family member accompanying you may not be allowed on set, they should be permitted in the studio or able to wait for you outside. Legitimate companies have no reason to turn away individuals brought along to ensure a model’s safety. 

British Model Alliance recognizes that often times, it’s our younger models who are most vulnerable to scams. Therefore, aspiring talent 22 years and younger are encouraged to always bring their parents to any test shoot. The support of parents present helps ensure a model’s comfortability in a new environment. When a model is comfortable, it increases his or her confidence and the chances of performing well during a test shoot. 

Rule 4: Check Terms and Conditions

All professional businesses, including those in the modelling industry, must adhere to legal rules and regulations. All models, both new and experienced, should be aware of their rights and contractual obligations as business professionals. British Model Alliance recommends seeking legal advice from a lawyer if necessary.

A copy of the terms and conditions should be given to every model attending a test shoot. Ask the individual booking your shoot to send you a contract or terms and conditions document. This paperwork should be emailed or given to you as a physical document within 24 hours of the booking. It’s to be noted that the terms and conditions can be part of the submitted application. In this situation, a photocopy of the application should be made. 

British Model Alliance’s review process takes into account all of a model’s legal rights. Our terms and conditions ensure that you are entitled to a refund of your booking deposit if all contractual obligations are met. It’s highly advised to look over the terms and conditions of any document before signing. 

Rule 5: Be Careful If Asked For Money Upfront!

Agencies will never ask you for money for "modelling schools, casting calls etc" and is most likely a scam! Some legitimate casting agencies may ask members to subscribe to there service, such as The Beautiq's Casting Service, but in return we do not charge talents the usual 15-20% agency fee that other agencies do.

We have heard of many agencies asking talents for money for portfolio shoots, application filing, and all sorts of nonsense claims! Many large agencies also try sneaky tactics, such as charge backs, which are an annual fee they charge models for expenses over the period. Sadly, the large agencies even charge these fee's to models, so again, be sure to have a lawyer present before signing anything!

Traditional agencies were great in 1970.. For models in 2020, Join the agency of today!

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